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(Before we start: Every tiny bit of this blog is handmade – the texts, the pictures, the material stuff I present and the webdesign.)

Since the internet speaks English (or knows how to translate.it) this introdiction will not be multilingual.

I am into music, technology, texts, tea, art and social/eco-friendly lifestyle as you might gather from the blog. The music part is to be seen in my academic writings, published in print and electronic form (see: academia.edu) and presented at national conferences.

The technology part is tinkering and experiment with unusual design. Often inspiration come to me from old circuits I explore or from an idea „outside the box“ since I got to know „the box“ and wondered what lies beneath (and everywhere else). Right now I have a pile of stuff and no real system to present it to someone – but bit by byte some things find their way into one of my channels.

Stay tuned for more or ask me & see what inspiration I take from you input!


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